How to control your Pit Bull

Pit Bulls make great companions but they are definitely not a dog breed that will be suitable for anyone. In order to raise a Pit Bull properly, you will need to sacrifice a lot of your free time and attention.

Pit Bulls have undeservedly gotten a bad reputation for being violent and destructive. And it is true that they are more prone to these negative behaviors but only when in certain circumstances. They are more difficult to control if you don’t know what you are doing. Here is why:

Pit Bulls are one of the most energetic dog breeds out there.

This means that they need regular exercise or else they will have no outlet to release their pent up energy. In turn, this causes them to become restless and they will most probably start exhibiting destructive behaviors. If you don’t want your furniture damaged, you’d better take your Pit Bull on long walks every single day.

And if you don’t have time for that, don’t get a Pit Bull. Being cupped up at home all day can make anyone miserable but especially Pit Bulls will react very negatively to it. What’s worse, their misbehaviors only further damage the dog breed’s reputation even if the root cause is the irresponsible owner’s laziness or mismanagement of their own time rather than the inherent characteristic of the Pit Bull itself. If you aren’t sure if a Pit Bull is a dog for you, check out the Pit Bull Lovers website for some helpful tips about caring for a Pit Bull.

Still, even if you have the best intentions it can be difficult to learn how to control your new Pit Bull as a first-time owner. If you have trouble with controlling your pet, take a look at some of these tips:


We made it clear already but it really cannot be overstated just how important exercise is to Pit Bulls. If possible, you should walk your Pit Bull twice a day, for at least around 45 minutes each time. At the minimum, provide it with an hour-long walk every day. You can also take it jogging with you or play fetch at the park to tire your pet even further. Pit Bulls that are tired after a satisfying walk will be calmer and easier to control.

Use a harness

If your Pit Bull constantly tries to run off during walks consider using a harness instead of just a collar. Pit Bulls can get very excited when they spot something and might want to run after it, catching the owner off guard. Harnesses give you some additional control and will prevent injury to your Pit Bull’s neck. Check the best harness for Pitbulls here.

Discipline when calm

Another great way of discouraging misbehaviors and running around outside of the specified exercise sessions is to use positive reinforcement and reward your Pit Bull when it is calm. So give it a small treat the next time your pet lays down to rest and remember to scold it if it starts misbehaving.