Choosing the Right Pellet Stove for Your

pellet stove

With the advent of autumn temperatures, we are beginning to think about the heating season, and some of us may even be changing our heating sources. Recently, pellet stoves have become increasingly popular because of their simplicity, because pellets do not harm the environment, ie. they are renewable energy sources, and of course, for savings, ie. lower prices than other heating methods.

Pellet stoves are fully automated hot water systems. They work on the principle of combustion of energy, ie pellets, where the energy produced in the firebox is used as a heat source. It is important to mention that in every furnace there is also a fan in the flue outlet, thus avoiding heat loss, ie. the operation of the furnace does not depend on the pressure in the chimney, but all conditions are controlled so that most of the energy produced is used for heating and a very small part is lost through the chimney.

There are different types of pellet stoves. Some are used for boilers and the dimensions and power depend on the need, so it is always recommended to obtain the product that best fits the space. Often, pellet stoves are having very small boilers, and accordingly you could get boilers adapted to different needs. For fireplaces, the highest emphasis is placed on quality and design, since such a product is most often placed in parts of the building such as the living room. There are several categories of fireplaces, such as an “air fireplace” that heats the air from the room and blows it hot, a “fireplace for central water” that is of great interest to customers who have a desire for central water heating and do not have a boiler room.

Such products have all the elements of a boiler room in them, such as a pump, an expansion vessel, etc. There are also “central air-fireplaces” for the user who does not want the radiator pipe to be wall-mounted, and again this system allows him to distribute heat to all rooms via air. Everything else about the selection is left to the aesthetic standards of the customer because the stoves come in different designs, colors and shapes, and if you worry about the prerequisites for the installation of the pellet stove, they are almost nonexistent, they can be installed in almost any type of home or building.

Pellet stoves vary in price and again it depends on the quality of the product. It is important that the furnace is not a combined one, because such products do not have high utilization and therefore the savings expected by the user are not achieved. It is also important to note that pellets are the cheapest energy product on our market. Of course, these calculations are only valid if the user uses a certified pellet and a high energy efficiency pellet stove, not less than 90%. In terms of maintenance, the pellet stove is very easy to maintain, the pellet container needs to be filled and the combustion chamber cleaned once every two weeks.

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