How to control your Pit Bull

Pit Bulls make great companions but they are definitely not a dog breed that will be suitable for anyone. In order to raise a Pit Bull properly, you will need to sacrifice a lot of your free time and attention.

Pit Bulls have undeservedly gotten a bad reputation for being violent and destructive. And it is true that they are more prone to these negative behaviors but only when in certain circumstances. They are more difficult to control if you don’t know what you are doing. Here is why:

Pit Bulls are one of the most energetic dog breeds out there.

This means that they need regular exercise or else they will have no outlet to release their pent up energy. In turn, this causes them to become restless and they will most probably start exhibiting destructive behaviors. If you don’t want your furniture damaged, you’d better take your Pit Bull on long walks every single day.

And if you don’t have time for that, don’t get a Pit Bull. Being cupped up at home all day can make anyone miserable but especially Pit Bulls will react very negatively to it. What’s worse, their misbehaviors only further damage the dog breed’s reputation even if the root cause is the irresponsible owner’s laziness or mismanagement of their own time rather than the inherent characteristic of the Pit Bull itself. If you aren’t sure if a Pit Bull is a dog for you, check out the Pit Bull Lovers website for some helpful tips about caring for a Pit Bull.

Still, even if you have the best intentions it can be difficult to learn how to control your new Pit Bull as a first-time owner. If you have trouble with controlling your pet, take a look at some of these tips:


We made it clear already but it really cannot be overstated just how important exercise is to Pit Bulls. If possible, you should walk your Pit Bull twice a day, for at least around 45 minutes each time. At the minimum, provide it with an hour-long walk every day. You can also take it jogging with you or play fetch at the park to tire your pet even further. Pit Bulls that are tired after a satisfying walk will be calmer and easier to control.

Use a harness

If your Pit Bull constantly tries to run off during walks consider using a harness instead of just a collar. Pit Bulls can get very excited when they spot something and might want to run after it, catching the owner off guard. Harnesses give you some additional control and will prevent injury to your Pit Bull’s neck. Check the best harness for Pitbulls here.

Discipline when calm

Another great way of discouraging misbehaviors and running around outside of the specified exercise sessions is to use positive reinforcement and reward your Pit Bull when it is calm. So give it a small treat the next time your pet lays down to rest and remember to scold it if it starts misbehaving.

How do deodorants work

We have come to accept deodorants as a part of our daily morning routine without questioning it. We know that deodorant is supposed to combat the problem of sweaty armpits (and not only armpits because now we have deodorants for other parts of the body, like feet) but how exactly does it work and why is it so effective?

Body odor

First, you should know that sweat isn’t actually the thing that makes us smell. The distinctive body odor that can be smelled when you have sweaty armpits is the result of bacteria mingling with the sweat secreted in the armpits.

Sweat by itself is odorless and even necessary for the body to function properly. Sweat regulates the body temperature and without it, we would overheat. That’s why hot weather, exercise, and fevers cause people to sweat. Other factors that can trigger sweat are strong emotions, such as anger, anxiety, or fear. People who experience a lot of stress tend to produce excessive amounts of sweat.

Deodorant mechanism

Deodorant works by preventing bacteria from festering on the decomposing sweat. It contains chemicals whose purpose is to eliminate that bacteria. They often have a pleasant fragrance that is supposed to mask the bad smell in the case some of the bacteria survive.

Antiperspirant is a subtype of deodorant and it works by blocking the sweat glands altogether. This way no sweat is produced at all.

If you have a problem with excessive sweating (more than a regular person) you will probably find that most deodorants aren’t strong enough. Check out what is the best deodorant for sweat here.

Types of deodorant

There are three main different types of deodorant applicators:

  • Stick deodorants – to use a stick deodorant you need to turn the knob on the bottom until the deodorant stick is raised enough to allow for comfortable application. Then you just apply it directly to your armpits using the up and down motion. Do it until your whole armpits are covered with a thin layer of deodorant.
  • Roll-on deodorants – roll-on deodorants come in liquid form and are applied using a rolling ball that ensures just the right amount of product. The rolling movements help the deodorant get into all the crevices to easily cover the whole armpit area. After applying roll-on deodorant, you should hold your arms up for a while to let it dry before you put clothes on.
  • Spray deodorant – spray deodorant is perfect if you don’t have much time in the morning. The spray formula dries almost immediately. It is very easy to use as you just have to shake the can a little and then spray your armpits from a few inches distance. Some say they are not as strong other types because they don’t cover the whole area but on the other hand, they are easy to apply on the go during the day.

The many types of deodorants can be confusing but ultimately the choice is up to you and your preferences. If you aren’t sure which one is best, check out for reviews of the most well-known products.

5 Gift Ideas For Men

Is your friend’s birthday coming up and haven’t figured out what to get him yet? Sometimes when we think of what do the ones around us want, it feels like they already have everything, and managing to buy an outstanding gift wears us down in the process. It’s hard to approximate the perfect gift to suit your friend’s needs and personality alike.

We know that seeing your friend pleased with the gift he received is a very gratifying scenery to grasp. Thus, in this article, we provide you with five gift ideas to ponder to your decision, while thinking about what would surprise best your friend.

  • Utility Men’s Bracelet Is your friend a do-it-yourself person? Or simply likes to handle the easy crafty duties that come about? A utility bracelet provides all the necessary tools in a very compact and stylish manner. Our recommendation is the utility bracelet designed by Higher Objects. With a leather finish adjustable band and stainless still components, this bracelet integrates a flat-tip knife that can function as a screwdriver, box opener, a doohickey repair tool, and many others.
  • 3-in-1 Charge Stand This may be a winning alternative for a man that is into technology and thinks of himself as being pragmatic. The Updated Luffyhh 3-in-1 Charger Stand is the ultimate device to leave in your air pods, phone, and watch overnight. This product is the best gift idea for a fervent Apple user who wants to reduce cable usage to zero.
  • Mini Torch Lighter Whether your friend enjoys from time to time a cigar or simply needs a useful daily tool, a fancy mini torch lighter may be a welcomed gift. If this description meets your friend’s profile, you might want to take into account the Quad Flame Butane Torch Lighter, as this model is great both on the outside and on the inside. The Quad torch features a metallic finish, along with a fold-out cigar cutter, and a 3-sided panel that lets you know when the lighter needs refilling. Moreover, the flame is wind-proof, so your friend doesn’t have to worry about this matter.
  • French Press Coffee Maker Is your friend a passionate coffee consumer? If so, a french press would give him the ultimate coffee experience, as the taste it delivers feels organic and robust. Also, this sort of coffee device needs a lot of manual control, so this might be the perfect chance for your friend to act out his barista skills. At a reasonable price, the French Press Coffe Maker by Cafe Du Chateau is a model with a tasteful finish that features four levels of filtration.

  • Vintage Leather Notebook This would be a soul-touching gift for your artistic friend. If he’s an introspective person who tends to reflect on his thoughts and behaviors, a leather notebook would surely accompany him well in his contemplative states. Wanderings’ handmade leather notebook features not only pages to fill up with thoughts and drawings but also a stylish design to accompany your friend’s lifelong journey.

Choosing the Right Pellet Stove for Your

With the advent of autumn temperatures, we are beginning to think about the heating season, and some of us may even be changing our heating sources. Recently, pellet stoves have become increasingly popular because of their simplicity, because pellets do not harm the environment, ie. they are renewable energy sources, and of course, for savings, ie. lower prices than other heating methods.

Pellet stoves are fully automated hot water systems. They work on the principle of combustion of energy, ie pellets, where the energy produced in the firebox is used as a heat source. It is important to mention that in every furnace there is also a fan in the flue outlet, thus avoiding heat loss, ie. the operation of the furnace does not depend on the pressure in the chimney, but all conditions are controlled so that most of the energy produced is used for heating and a very small part is lost through the chimney.

There are different types of pellet stoves. Some are used for boilers and the dimensions and power depend on the need, so it is always recommended to obtain the product that best fits the space. Often, pellet stoves are having very small boilers, and accordingly you could get boilers adapted to different needs. For fireplaces, the highest emphasis is placed on quality and design, since such a product is most often placed in parts of the building such as the living room. There are several categories of fireplaces, such as an “air fireplace” that heats the air from the room and blows it hot, a “fireplace for central water” that is of great interest to customers who have a desire for central water heating and do not have a boiler room.

Such products have all the elements of a boiler room in them, such as a pump, an expansion vessel, etc. There are also “central air-fireplaces” for the user who does not want the radiator pipe to be wall-mounted, and again this system allows him to distribute heat to all rooms via air. Everything else about the selection is left to the aesthetic standards of the customer because the stoves come in different designs, colors and shapes, and if you worry about the prerequisites for the installation of the pellet stove, they are almost nonexistent, they can be installed in almost any type of home or building.

Pellet stoves vary in price and again it depends on the quality of the product. It is important that the furnace is not a combined one, because such products do not have high utilization and therefore the savings expected by the user are not achieved. It is also important to note that pellets are the cheapest energy product on our market. Of course, these calculations are only valid if the user uses a certified pellet and a high energy efficiency pellet stove, not less than 90%. In terms of maintenance, the pellet stove is very easy to maintain, the pellet container needs to be filled and the combustion chamber cleaned once every two weeks.


First, let’s see the pieces of equipment required:

      1. Blood pressure Cuff or Sphygmomanometer which has inflation bladder inside. Make sure you use standard size one. This is what you wrap around the arm of the patient.
      2. Pump or Inflation bulb- used to inflate or pump air to the cuff
      3. Calibrated Manometer gauge- Used for the readings as you inflate air up and as you release
      4. Stethoscope – To listen to the pulses. It has two earpieces which should be twisted at 15-degree angle and should be pointed forward so when they enter into your ear canal you can get a tight feel. The end of a Stethoscope has two sides which can only be used one at a time the diaphragm and bell. You will be using the diaphragm for this procedure so, make sure the bell hole is covered. If you look at the bell hole and you see it’s covered it means the diaphragm is active or if you twist it and tap and you hear sounds in your ear then it means the
        diaphragm is active
      5. valve- used to control airflow to and from the inflation bladder inside the cuff

Instruct your patient to stretch their arm with the palm up at heart level on a flat surface like a table and have them expose their upper arm. The cuff should rest directly on the skin of the upper arm.

Make sure to fully delate the cuff before beginning your read. Align the middle cuff above the crease of the elbow and wrap it snugly not too tight around the arm, align artery markings from cuff to arm. Make sure patient remains still and silent while you are taking the reading. Clip the meter onto the cuff.

Now take your stethoscope making sure the ear pieces are away from you, put them in your ear canal. Activate the diaphragm and position it above the crease of the elbow, such that the surface of the diaphragm rests on the surface of the skin below the edge of the cuff hold the surface of the stethoscope with your middle and index finger so you don’t confuse pulse of your thumb with the pulse of the

Using the other hand hold the inflation pump and use your thumb and index finger to twist the valve clockwise or to the right side until you feel it stop then begin to inflate the pump by squeezing all the way up until the meter reads 2000mmHg. As soon as you reach 2000mmHg grasp the valve and twist it anti-clockwise to release air but do it slowly at a controlled rate. If air escapes quickly you
may miss the blood pressure reading

The first thumps heard is what we call systolic pressure and the reading where you hear the last thump is called diastolic pressure. As soon as you stop hearing the thumps fully deflate the cuff by turning the knob on the bulb fully anti-clockwise.

If you get a reading of 120/80 then that is considered normal blood pressure

120-139/80-89 the patient is considered to be in pre-hypertension

140-159/90-99 the patient is considered to have high blood pressure which we call hypertension Stage 1 anything above that is considered an emergency.

Nautica Classic Cologne for Men – Review

A man will often be defined by how you look and smell. They will be judged by their sense of fashion to their preference. This is why there has been a growth in the male fashion market. This varies from clothes, shoes, hairstyle and even the cologne of choice. However, some of these brands have done extremely well in the market while some others have not met the expectation of the market. Men have for a while been taken to be sweaty creatures that are not very water friendly. However, that has come to change over time as men have dominated the beauty field. Beauty experts have made sure that they have put into consideration the needs of men, and they have presented them with deodorants and colognes.

This Nautica cologne has however arisen mixed feeling among its users. It is one of the most competitive brands in the market. The nautica is one of the renowned brands. It is placed in a 100ml bottle and has a very sweet, manly scent. It has a clear distinction between a manly scent and a feminine scent. It is made from natural products and this makes it safe to use and has no effects on the body.

This brand was first introduced in the early nineties and it has come a long way in providing highly competitive cologne in the market. It mainly specializes in two major scents. The aromatic wood scent, and the water floral. These are especially liked by many people and they attract a substantial followership. These scents are liked because they are not very strong and are also favorable for use even in the public. We have all had an experience with someone with very strong cologne.

This is, however, both an advantage and a disadvantage. Customers have reviewed this product and have claimed that despite the fact that it is very good in terms of scent it does not last long. It is claimed that its effect will fade away just shortly after use and this will force you to use a larger amount to sustain it. Steppenwolf says that it smells like any other aftershave and its scent goes faint. They, however, claim that the cologne is quite expensive.

It has however been recommended that it is to be used mainly during the day as it blends well during the day as compared to during the night. Nautica has been made available on many platforms both on online shopping sits and also in selected dealers. It is packaged in a glass bottle which has been carefully designed; the glass is D shaped and has a light blue color. The glass is not only classy but also durable. It has a liquid density of 3.4 oz.

Nautica has given men a very valuable gift which has changed the whole image and perception of men in the society. It has given them a new scent. It has, however, a fault in that the scent fades away much quicker than expected